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Post by lyiso48 on Wed Jul 08, 2015 2:00 pm

During the GP gun sale (that finished today), I was able to acquired the Pernach Pistol for 74 GP. This was that last full auto pistol that I had not owned. As I was using it, I kept seeing in chat "what full auto pistol is better". It was either the Glock vs. the enforcer or vs. Pernach, so I thought to upload a brief review of all of the full auto pistols.

The review will start with the first auto pistol you will encounter, the APB.

The APB is the only cr weapon in this list and its performance is reflective or that. The APB has the worst fire rate and penetration out of any of the other pistols. Its ammo capacity ties with the Glocks for last place with 120 bullets. In addition to its stats, it will slowly deteriorate as it is used, being a cr weapon. One of the few pros of this weapon is its W-task. It is fairly easy (7 rage kills) and gives you a silencer. It reduces recoil, mobility, and damage by 2, 3, and 4 points respectively. The APB also has a very low muzzle flash without the task, and with the addition of the silencer. it completely eliminates flash from view. Overall, the gun is a good buy when starting the game, but becomes less and less useful as you progress.

Without task:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews 3nR3BQBl

With task:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews YOZ6ZUSl

Next in tier two is the Glock 18.

The Glock 18 is the next automatic pistol you will encounter. It is a GP weapon and it is currently the only auto pistol with customization. The Glock 18 has the highest mobility out of any pistol on this list. It also has the lowest damage, ammo capacity, and range however. Its W-task is 15 prokills, for a silencer. Further down the customization tree are a few sights and a camo. Similar rewards can be reached by grinding experience and MP. Without its W-task the Glock 18 has a high muzzle flash that obstructs the view of the user. The silencer obtained through the W-task eliminates this flash, but also covers the iron sights. (This issue can now be avoided by using a sight from weapon customization). Overall, it is a relatively weak pistol. The general strategy using it is to point it in your enemies direction, empty the clip, and hope they go down. It's most used as a high mobility side arm to allow HMG users to quickly reposition themselves. (And might I say, for this use, it works very well)

Without task:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews CzjO762l

Next is the Pernach

The Pernach is found in the third tier of weapons. It ties with the enforcer for highest damage and penetration, while it has the highest ammo capacity offered out of the auto pistols, but in return has the worst recoil, mobility, and reload time. It offers no W-task and currently has no weapon customization options. Its muzzle flash is somewhat obstructive, but not as bad as other pistols, as it is very low visual obstruction. Overall, I view it as an average pistol. It has high ammo capacity and damage which makes it very deadly on smaller maps, but it lacks in its movement and reload.

Pernach firing:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews VUkMHJKl

Next in tier five is the enforcer. The enforcer is a very well rounded pistol and is quite deserving of its placement in tier five. It has the highest accuracy and reload, and ties with the Pernach for highest damage and range. It does not find itself in last place for any stat in comparison to the other pistols. Alike the Pernach, this weapon does not have a W-task or customization. The muzzle flash of the enforcer is quite obstructive upon initially firing, but becomes less bothersome during sustained fire. Overall, this pistol is very useful on small and medium sized maps. The muzzle flash can be obstructive, but the stat advantages it has may outweigh this disadvantage in the eyes of many players.

Enforcer firing:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews OL3OSDjl

Lastly, we find the gunsmith spec weapon, the Uzi Pro. The uzi pro is an smg, but as it is equable in the secondary slot, I will include it in this list even though is may not be considered a "pistol". The uzi pro has the lowest recoil and the highest fire rate of the guns on this list. In return it has the lowest accuracy and close to the worst range on this list. (just barely above the Glock 18) It has a W-task of two prokills and upon completion, gets a silencer and metro sight. In addition, the modifications drastically change the stats of the weapon too. The accuracy gets a boost of 12 points, the damage is reduced by 3, and mobility is reduced by 8. In addition to this making it the second most accurate gun on this list (one point behind the enforcer), its silencer eliminates the very small amount of muzzle flash that is has without the task. Without the task, the iron sights are still the most unobstructed when firing full auto. When tasked, this weapon is easily the best full auto secondary on the list. When asked, I describe the weapon as "a Kedr in your back pocket". If you have the silencer parts alignment skill, consider spending that last sp on the uzi pro. This is my secondary of choice.

Uzi Pro without task:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews WikaiGHl
Uzi Pro with task:
Full Auto Pistol Reviews MMnf3dvl

Lastly, a chart of all of the weapons stats side by side:

                APB        +Task        Glock 18        Pernach        Enforcer        Uzi Pro        +Task

Accuracy     75             -                62                83                85                72              84
Recoil         55            53               44                58                37                35               -

Damage      26            22              20                 37                37                23              20

Firerate      54              -                99                58                55               100              -

Mobility      80            77               90                75                78                 85              77

Reload        60             -                68                58                79                 69              -

Ammo       6-20           -              4-30             6-27              9-15             5-25             -

Penetration  10            -                15                 20               20                 15               -

Range       26 @ 15      -            20 @ 15        37 @ 15       37 @ 15         23 @ 15          -
               3   @ 50                     2 @ 60          4 @ 60        4 @ 75           2 @ 60

Please feel free to leave advice or requests for further reviews, or to notify me if anything mentioned above is completely wrong.

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